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Discover ORGENETICS®: Organic and Natural Vitamins and Minerals


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Gee Lawson

Orgenetics®​ are organic certified and naturally occurring functional ingredients manufactured in a ISO 22000 production facility.

The Orgenetics®​ range includes:

Orgen B’s:​ Vitamin B group from Guava, Holy Basil and Citrus Lemon;

Orgen C:​ 50% Vitamin C from Amla fruit;

Orgen-FA:​ Folic Acid from Citrus lemon;

Orgen N:​ Niacin from Holy Basil;

Orgen-I:​ Stomach-friendly Iron from Curry extract;

Orgen-SE​: Selenium from Mustard seeds.

For further information on the full range available or to request a sample, please complete and send the enquiry form. Gee Lawson Ltd, the official distributor of Orgenetics®​ will deal with your request.

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