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EyesBerry : Bilberry-like 25% anthocyanins

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EyesBerry : Bilberry-like 25% anthocyanins

When anthocyanins contributes Synergistically to your eyes health EyesBerry™ : A unique combination of 5 berries' extracts, including Bilberry, standardized in Anthocyanins for eyes health formulas. The HPLC profile of Bilberry matches Bilberry 25% profile.

Blue or purple pigments from different berries naturally rich in anthocyanosides have been linked to eye fatigue prevention caused for instance by computer overuse, and contribute to healthy eyes: reducing eye irritation, nearsightedness and night-blindness.

EyesBerry™ is a qualitative and quantitative alternative to Bilberry 25% extract for eyes health (Drug Ratio Extract 100:1) EyesBerry™ is a berry extract (in powder form) concentrated in 25% Anthocyanins

Specialized in the extraction and the stabilization of anthocyanins since its creation, Burgundy worked actively on the Bilberry 25% anthocyanins' profile to offer an economical and technological alternative to this product. Some red berries are recognized for their beneficial effects on night vision and for the adaptation of the eyes to weak luminosity, in addition to reduction of irritations.

Thanks to a very strict selection of 5 red berries (mostly Bilberry, but also Blackcurrant for instance), EyesBerry™ shows the characteristic profile needed in bioflavonoids, and more particularly in anthocyanins. In addition to their anti-oxidant properties, anthocyanins stimulate the production of a substance called "rhodopsine", helping night vision by improving capillary circulation.

EyesBerry™ shows the Bilberry-like profile with 25% anthocyanins (analyzed by 3D HPLC).

Enhance and Preserve your eyesight with Eyesberry™ Relevant Benefits of its Anthocyanins family :

  • Alternative to Bilberry 25% anthocyanins
  • Decrease eye fatigue in bad light conditions: when operating a computer, driving at night
  • Help the eyes' ability to adapt to dim and dark light
  • Relieves eye strain within a few minutes
  • Plays an important role as a powerful antioxidant and -free radical scavenger to help support microcirculation and general eye health as well as varicose veins and circulation disorders.
  • Counter free radicals produced during inflammatory cascade
  • Prevent capillaries from metabolic leakage and abnormal protein proliferation, reducing the risk of retinopathy, a serious diabetic complication

EyesBerry™ contains inter alia Bilberry and Blackcurrant. Anthocyanins may assist the blood circulation in the capillary blood vessels and prevent the shortened refraction linked to eyestrain.

As a dietary supplement to improve eye function, Eyesberry™ is recommendable for those who:

  • drive a lot or have difficulties driving in the evening or at night
  • use computers often
  • are students
  • need to strengthen capillaries for optimal eye health
  • are elder people Raw material: Food grade fruits and berries including in particular Bilberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) and Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) Extraction: Formulation of raw and purified extracts obtained by water or ethanol extraction and chromatographic purification when purified extracts. Moisture: < 10% Colour and aspect: Dark red to dark purple aspect, Microgranulated powder Anthocyanins: = 25% [HPLC] EyesBerry™ is manufactured in our plant in France, respecting the strictest ISO 22000 (Food and Hygiene Safety Management) procedures. Our products are Kosher and non-GMO certified. Burgundy uses a complete set of advanced equipment for extraction, purification, chromatography column, concentration and drying. Our quality control laboratory is fully equipped with the most advanced instruments of analysis.

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