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Go-Luo® , non-caloric natural sweetener with better taste for great health

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As the global leader of botanical extracts and being core competent in cultivation and manufacturing of Go-Luo® (luo han guo; monk fruit), with GRAS Affirmation (FDA GRN 359), and Stevia Rebaudioside A, with GRAS Affirmation (FDA GRN 354), Layn recently has been approved by the Health Canada's Food Directorate for using Go-Luo® as a table sweetener at a maximum level of use of 0.8% in table-up sweeteners.

Go-Luo®, whose sweetness comes from Mogroside V and is up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose yet contains virtually no calories. It is rich in Vitamin C, protein and 18 basic amino acids. Its intense sweetness requires only small amounts yet provides great taste and nutrition and all the health benefits of reduced calories and sugar intake. Layn provides Go-Luo®with a wide range of Mogroside levels and clean tasting sweetness from liquids to concentrated powder to accommodate specific application needs for beverages, baked goods, candies, dairy products, table sweetener and dietary supplements.

Layn will continue its commitment in fostering the development of Guo-Luo®as a healthy, natural, non-caloric sweetener, and functional ingredient. With the assurance of maintaining the high quality of fruit, Layn will double its Luo Han Guo organic and GAP standard cultivation  this year with the support of investment in cultivation techniques, and expand its GMP production lines for Go-Luo®to meet the broadened market’s needs. From operating sustainable GAP cultivation farming, plant tissue culture, cultivation, to final product - Go-Luo®, the processing is done in Layn’s new, state of the art processing facility meeting GMP, ISO, HACCP, Kosher and Halal certifications.

Layn presents Lovia®, a proprietary ingredient combining Stevia and Luo Han Guo. Lovia®has a rounded, longer-lasting sweetness profile with a less prominent aftertaste typically associated with Stevia.

Layn produces a range of non-caloric, high quality natural sweeteners with unique sweetening profiles and cost savings for customers when applied as partial or total sugar substitutes. Meanwhile, Layn is serving the dietary supplement, food & beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with its standardized and high-qualified botanical extracts.

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