Healthy aging: improving metabolic function to maintain a high quality of life

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Healthy Ageing 2016
The development of comprehensive and accessible medical care has significantly improved quality of life (QOL) and increased life expectancy. Nevertheless, metabolic aging gradually deteriorates lifestyle and fitness condition. As part of the ageing process, chronic low grade metabolic disturbances are correlated to the development of oxidative stress. Polyphenols, found in a variety of botanicals in our daily diet, have been demonstrated to enhance metabolic functions thanks to their antioxidant potency.Developped by Fytexia, the ingredient Fiit-ns® delivers benefits from selected fruit & vegetable extracts to improve QOL based on the rejuvenation of metabolic functions. The benefits of Fiit-ns® are supported by 2 clinical studies.


Julien Cases Julien Cases Manager of Innovation and Scientific Affairs

Sophie Loisel Sophie Loisel Sales & Marketing manager

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