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How can an artificial intelligence solution help for regulatory compliance and labelling generation?

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We invite you to discover our latest innovation, NOL COMPLIANCE®

Thanks to the significant experience of its regulatory experts, NUTRAVERIS has developed a new and easy way to perform compliance review.
You can now generate your REGULATORY REVIEW for the whole EUROPE & LABELLING in less than 15 seconds !
IT’S SO SIMPLE! Just enter your Formula, its Galenic form and your EU target Markets, NOL COMPLIANCE®​ will do the rest.

The algorithm seeks the data, combines them, anticipates the scenarios, calculates the dosages, net weight, limits, adds the specific warnings and… delivers the regulatory analysis and generates the labelling.
And when it's time to UPDATE your review or EXPAND in a new country, just one click and analysis is done.
No more risks of errors and unexpected changes.

Click here and fill in your details to receive free sample! 

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