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HyaMax™ - Non-GMO Sodium hyaluronate

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HyaMax™ - Non-GMO Sodium hyaluronate

Natural sourced Hyamax™ is a standardized availability of Sodium hyaluronate from Fenchem. Different molecular weight ranges from 8000 to 3.0Million Da, meeting your various function requests, especially for skin-care and bone health. About Fenchem: Fenchem is a new-tech based manufacturer of nutrition ingredients, specializing in isolation and purification. With a well-equipped production line and traceable QC system, we invite you to enjoy the refined ingredients, high in bioactivity and safety. Please reach us at: Hyamax™ is the brand name of our standardized sodium hyaluronate from Fenchem. It is a structure of mucopolysaccharide composed by hydrophilic molecules of glucuronic acid and n-acetyl glucosamine, which bind water and carry essential nutrition to movable parts of the human body as joints and muscles. It benefits wound healing and skin moisturizing. Product list: HyaMax™-- Non-GMO Sodium hyaluronate of MW 8000 - 3.0Million Da Tocovet™-- IP certified 70-90% Mixed tocopherols & 1000-1300I.U D-alpha tocopherol Cholevel™-- IP certified 95% Soybean phytosteols Solavon™-- IP certified 10-60% Soybean isoflavones Nutra-Red™-- Tomato derived natural Lycopene

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