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INNOBIO Carotenoids Beadlets - Improved Stability, Enhanced Applications

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INNOBIO Carotenoids Beadlets - Improved Stability, Enhanced Applications

INNOBIO Carotenoids Beadlets are the best choice because

  • Vegetarian substitutes for gelatin beadlets
  • Characteristic of cold water dispersible offers aqueous application possibility
  • Providing precise carotenoids dosing that is efficient, economical and accurate
  • Protecting from possible cross reaction with other ingredients
  • High hardness, anti-compression for tableting and premixes


INNOBIO Carotenoids Beadlets are premium in quality

  • cGMP, ISO, HACCP, Halal certified  
  • Guaranteed batch to batch uniformity
  • BaP and hexane meeting USP and EC standards
  • Free flowing without dusty particles
  • Standard particle size, evenly distributed in the formulation
  • High shear strength, impact resistance
  • Steady consistent control-release
  • Uniform and beautiful color


INNOBIO offers natural carotenoids for supplements, foods, and specialty cosmetics. We produce a wide range of carotenoids formulation products to meet multilevel applications. The carotenoids series includes free lutein, lutein esters, zeaxanthin and lycopene, etc​. All products are available as CWS powder, beadlets and oil suspension.

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