Immunity comes first: a sustainable ally from algae

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Immunity comes first: a sustainable ally from algae

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Sourced from the algae Euglena gracilis​, nutritionally-rich BetaVia Complete™​ is obtained through a sustainable process which provides a unique composition of >50% beta 1,3 glucans along with a blend of nutrients. BetaVia Complete has been clinically shown to support the immune system providing an innovative solution for immune health products.
Key learning points:
– Learn the latest European consumer insights on immune health.
– Discover the uniqueness of beta 1,3 glucans with Prof. Philip Calder.
– Get to know Kemin’s proprietary Euglena gracilis.
– Walk through BetaVia Complete’s science-backed immune benefits.

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Mike Hughes Mike Hughes Head of Research and Insight
FMCG Gurus

Maci Samanta Maci Sr. Commercial and Technical Manager EMEA/LATAM

Horst Geoff Horst, PhD R&D Lead Beta Glucans

Philip C. CALDER Philip C. CALDER, PhD Professor of Nutritional Immunology, Head Human Development & Health
Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton