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Indena extracts now available for new delivery systems

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Indena extracts now available for new delivery systems

Indena, together with Gum Base Co. (Perfetti van Melle Group) has successfully developed innovative chewing gums providing the properties associated with vegetal extracts.The unique technology of Compressed Powder Gum is a cold and dry process to product chewing tablets, which preserves the integrity of the botanical ingredients.

Some of Indena’s well know extracts have been formulated in the chewing gum form for a broad range of applications: Opextan®, an olive pulp extract​, has remarkable antioxidant and skin protective capability for healthy, beautiful skin complying with the “beauty from within” concept. Mirtoselect®, a standardized bilberry extract​ containing 36% ​ obtained exclusively from Vaccinium myrtillus L​. fresh fruits) has been clinically tested and proven effective in the treatment of peripheral circulatory and ophthalmic disorders​ including diabetic rethinopathy.​ Leucoselect® is a grape seed extract specifically developed for cardiovascular protection with a remarkable content of Polyphenols, a key element of the Mediterranean diet. Ginselect®, standardized ginseng extracts, and Guaranà extract are important energy boosters. Immunoselect® is a standardized Echinacea angustifolia​ DC. extract traditionally used to prevent and reduce cough and cold affections. Green tea extract provides excellent antioxidant properties and might be useful in maintaining mouth and dental health.

The merge of top quality ingredients and a novel and unique delivery system technology aims to provide the best and most novel solutions to our partners.

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