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InnoBio® CLA TG powder- Perfect Solution for Ready-to-drink Applications

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InnoMega CLA TG 40% powder is a unique product for food and beverage applications. INNOBIO microencapsulation technology has created a CLA delivery system with excellent formulation characteristics, non-caking, free flowing, and non-greasy because of extremely low surface oil properties. The CLA TG used in our powder is also manufactured by INNOBIO to the highest quality standards using natural highLA Saffloweroil.

Instantized for rapid dissolution

InnoMega CLA TG 40% microencapsulated powder is manufactured using INNOBIO proprietary technology to maximize the hydrophilic performance ensuring rapid humidification during formulation without the need for wetting agents or emulsifiers.

Stable, homogeneous results, time after time

InnoMega powders are designed to blend evenly and homogeneously with no clumping, no foaming or residues, and no precipitation of the powder providing a stable even delivery of CLA in the finished product. 

Low pH stability

The perfect choice for juices and beverages with a low pH. InnoMega powders remain stable with no change in blending properties or changes to the integrity of the powder in low pH conditions making it the ideal choice for juices and acidic beverages. 


  • Beverages
  • Instant powders
  • Food and meal replacement
  • Dietary supplements 

INNOBIO has been serving the nutraceutical industry for 10 years by providing the highest quality CLA products. INNOBIO proudly maintains an R&D center of excellence and a manufacturing facility that is cGMP, ISO9001 and HACCP certified.  

Request a sample today and compare InnoMega CLA TG 40% microencapsulated powder to any product on the market. We guarantee exceptional satisfaction.

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