InnoBio® Natural Lutein Esters

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XanGuardTM ​Lutein Esters formulations include

  • Oil Suspension
  • CWS Powder
  • Beadlets GF

XanGuardTM​ Lutein Esters Oil Suspension is a smooth flowing slightly viscous material, with micro-milled ultrafine lutein esters particles. It is a convenient stable and uniform consistency in a vegetable oil suspension. 

XanGuardTM​ Lutein Esters CWS Powder is the perfect solution for aqueous products because it rapidly disperses in cold water, forming uniform solution without sediment. It is designed for customer convenience and perfect for “ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix” applications.  

XanGuardTM​ Lutein Esters Beadlets GF is vegetarian substitute for standard gelatin beadlets. It allows precise dosing control of carotenoids efficiently, economically and accurately. This product provides superior hardness, anti-compression characteristics that are excellent for tablets, hard capsules and premixes. XanGuardTM​ Beadlets are also cold water dispersible for aqueous application options. 

INNOBIO maintains a R&D center of excellence and a manufacturing facility that is cGMP, ISO9001 and HACCP certified. Strict testing guarantees the highest product quality and consistency. 

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