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IridoForce : one Intake against Arthritis

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IridoForce : one Intake against Arthritis

Your solution against arthritis or chronic joint symptoms, which today affect 1 in 3 adults over age 40

  • The highest titrations to allow you to bring the needed Harpagosides with only one capsule.
  • Up to 20% Harpagoside by HPLC (ie. >40% by UV method) from Harpagophytum p.
  • Clinical works and scientific references available upon request : Clinical studies on anti-inflammatory properties, regeneration of chondrocytes and anti-COX2
  • Registration under European mutual recognication
  • Produced under the strictest manufacturing procedures: ISO 22 000 (certified 01/19/2007)

The increase osteoarthrisis establishes it as the major rheumatic disease. Against this chronic rheumatism which appears in particular from 40 years and spreads after 60 years, modern medicine proposes anti-inflammatory drugs no-steroid, -anti-COX-2.

Now, there's IridoForce™!

After its success to reach a targeted very high titration, Burgundy launched the study of activity of its IridoForce™ (complex of harpagosides) on the chondrocytes and the COX-2 in order to highlight the effects of the gluco-iridoides (and in particular the harpagoside) against the chronic inflammation of the cells which build the cartilage (chondrocytes), in charge for the progressive destruction.

Clinical works have linked Gluco-iridoids from Harpagophytum procumbens, and in particular Harpagoside, to the treatment of chronic and degenerative joint diseases. IridoForce™ is not a simple extract. It is the solution making possible to adjust the assay in harpagosides in your galenic formulation... The high percentage of Harpagosides (up to 20% by HPLC, ie. more than 40% by UV) enables you today to bring only one capsule the needed gluco-iridoides. You can easily add other actives such as chondroitine sulphate, or glucosamine, in case you wish to develop a specific formula. IridoForce™ is manufactured under patented process.

You'll find in our dossier some examples of formulas: 1 oral intake / day, capsule of 265 mg with 210mg of IridoForce™ 40.20 micogranulated powder, and the balance of Microcristalline Cellulosis, Magnesium stearate, Silicone dioxide Tablets: 2 oral intake / day to allow a daily intake of 40 mg Harpagosides, together with 100mg Sulfate chondroïtine and 100mg Sulfate glucosamine. Capsules, 0 size (355 mg) formulation: 3 oral intakes / day for a daily intake of 40 mg Harpagosides in association with 285 mg of Sulfate chondroitin and 285 mg of Sulfate glucosamin. Bulb formulation, balm recipe, soft caps...

Rheumatic disorders increase in the western societies because of the growth of the standard of living and some structure of the population which results from it. The chronic degenerative, inflammatory forms as well as the rheumatisms of soft tissues are the most frequent. The causes of the inflammatory rheumatisms are not still known and a causal treatment is possible only in the minority of the cases.

Nowadays, the therapeutic efforts concern the symptomatic treatment of the most invalidating effects as the inflammation, the pain and the limitation of the articular movements.

Recently, extensive investigations into the biological activity in general and the potential pharmacological activity in particular, have revealed that iridoids, especially harpagoside, were shown to exert anti-inflammatory effects similar to NSAIDs, by interacting with Arachidonic Acid metabolism pathways:

  • Action on eicosanoids synthesis
  • Action on cyclo-oxygenase, lipoxygenase and NO synthetase
  • Action on TNFa liberation
  • Action on Cys-LT synthetis
  • Action on enzymes responsible for collagen degradation
  • Without the side effects exhibited by long term treatments with therapeutic conventionals

Raw material: Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) roots Extraction solvent: Ethanol / Water Excipients added: None Drug Extract Ratio: Up to 40:1 Harpagosides: 2.5 % HPLC (5% UV) Till 20% HPLC (40% UV) Suggested dosage: 40mg per day IridoForce™ is manufactured in our plant in France, respecting the strictest ISO 22000 (Food and Hygiene Safety Management) procedures. Our products are Kosher and non-GMO certified. Burgundy uses a complete set of advanced equipment for extraction, purification, chromatography column, concentration and drying. Our quality control laboratory is fully equipped with the most advanced instruments of analysis.

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