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Lactium & Trade: an advance in the field of biosciences

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Lactium & Trade: an advance in the field of biosciences

Lactium & Trade is an innovative and unique bioactive peptide within a protein hydrolysate, with relaxing properties. This natural ingredient is patented and marketed by INGREDIA.

The efficacy and the non-toxicity of Lactium & Trade have been scientifically proven through several clinical studies on 190 volunteers.

A claim for Lactium & Trade: its effects are officially recognized

Lactium & Trade is one of the few ingredients in France which received a claim authorisation from DGCCRF (1), the French Safety and Control Administration: "...can moderate the tensional response to stress, in particular for hypersensitive persons."

This claim supports the fact that Lactium & Trade reduces and regulates stress-related troubles. Stress is known to lead to disorders such as:

  • Blood pressure increase
  • Concentration decrease and memory losses
  • Sleep troubles

But also:

  • Weight and food intake disorders
  • Immunity weakening
  • Skin disorders

Lactium & Trade can also help people overcome stressful periods such as:

  • Diets
  • Detoxification (tobacco, anxiolitics...)
  • Important events (exams, wedding, birth...)

Lactium & Trade: the key solution to successful end products

INGREDIA's food technologists have recently succeeded in preserving Lactium & Trade activity in various applications. Thanks to their great knowledge of both applications and biotechnology, they developed specific recipes and process stabilising Lactium & Trade efficacy in dietary supplements and many food applications:

  • Dairy products (yogurts, fermented dairy drinks...)
  • Confectionery (chocolates, chewing-gums...)
  • Beverages
  • Snacks and baked products (cereal bars...)

INGREDIA's R&D team offers technical support to formulate and manufacture new products while ensuring Lactium & Trade stability.

INGREDIA also proposes marketing services to help manufacturers market their final products on the fast-growing market of wellness functional foods and dietary supplements by:

  • Proposing innovative and promising concepts
  • Helping them to benefit from Lactium & Trade claim, in order to convince consumers of the efficacy of their product
  • A co-branding program based on the use of the Lactium & Trade trade mark and logo, to enhance the credibility and the differentiation of the final products

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