Legendary Ingredients forging the path in eSports

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Legendary Ingredients forging the path in eSports

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Learn how Neumentix® and FloraGLO® two natural, plant-based ingredients, support key gaming abilities in eSports athletes. Improving focus, reaction time, target identification and blue light protection are key to improved play.
Key points from the first webinar of Kemin Innovation Series:

  • Learn from gamers how eSports has become an organized mainstream global movement.
  • Forge your path into eSports by learning all the latest insights of European Gamers 
  • Remaster the game with new product concepts combining the benefits of two unmatched and well-studied ingredients, FloraGLO Lutein and Neumentix Spearmint Extract.

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Mike Hughes Mike Hughes Head of Research and Insight
FMCG Gurus

Brenda Fonseca Brenda Fonseca Senior Global Technical Services Manager
Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Francesco Rega Francesco Rega Esports Marketing Specialist
Team Satire