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Lutein diester - For eye health

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Lutein diester - For eye health

Lutein supplementation improves: • Eye health - slows Age related macular degeneration (AMD)- the primary cause of blindness • Cell health - reduces cancer risk, • Cardiac health - improves cardiovascular health • Skin health - skin protection Lutein is a compound present in high concentrations in the eye (the macula which is a tiny spot at the center of the retina). It is also present in small quantities throughout the lens, skin, breast and cervical tissues. Lutein supplementation is essential to human health because lutein is not generated by the body - its intake is through dietary sources only! • By adding to the macular density it improves eye health and guards against eye diseases. • As a powerful antioxidant lutein quenches free radicals and guards against irregular cell growth. • It filters highly damaging near to blue ultra violet light from visible light spectrum and protects eye and skin from harmful damage. EFFECTS OF LUTEIN ON MEDICAL CONDITIONS Eye health Protects fatty acids in the eye by quenching free radicals. Absorbs 40-60% of harmful near to blue ultra violet rays. Supplements macular density and improves eye health. One study showed that the highest correlation of disease prevention was associated with an intake of 6 mg per day of lutein, which led to a 43% lower prevalence of the disease. Cell health Prevents irregular cell growth (in various tissues, skin, breast, cervix and large intestine). Prevents cancer. A study conducted by Le Marchand et al showed that the Fiji island consumption of lutein was found to be high (between 18 to 23 mg per day) which, the authors suggested, might be responsible for lower lung cancer ratio in the region. Cardiovascular health High levels of lutein are linked with less thickening of arterial walls. At least one published study produced findings, which suggested that higher levels of lutein in the serum may be linked with less thickening of arterial walls (Dwyer, JH, M.Navab et al 2001). Skin health Prevents near to blue Ultra violet light from visible light spectrum and induced skin lesions and skin cancer and diminishes inflammatory effects. SOURCE: Lutein is abundantly found in marigold meal made from marigold flower petals. THE MECHANISM: Lutein performs two main functions. 1) As an antioxidant it quenches free radicals and guards against irregular cell growth. 2) It filters highly damaging near-to-blue-ultra violet light from the visible light spectrum and thus protects the eye and skin from harmful damage. OTC NATURAL THEREPEUTICS FROM THE HOUSE OF NOVO Novo's Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) process, extracts Lutein diester at its highest level of concentration and purity from its patented process. NovoPure Lutein diester is available in the form of powder / extract and in most cases blended with other ingredients. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Though studies conducted at Harvard recommend an intake of 6 mg per day, it has also been proved that an intake up to 20 mg per day has improved benefits. Lutein is found abundantly in green, leafy vegetables, but it is difficult to consume the prescribed amount of vegetables on a daily basis and may require supplementation through other ingredients. Recent clinical studies have indicated that 6 mg of lutein per day can increase macular pigment by up to 50% in AMD patients and improve visual function including distance and near visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and glare recovery.

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