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Milk Protein Isolates in Fresh Cheese without Whey Separation

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Milk Protein Isolates in Fresh Cheese without Whey Separation

INGREDIA, the specialist of functional dairy ingredients for food industries, has combined its experience in milk proteins fractionation and its knowledge in dairy products processing to optimize the technology of fresh cheese without whey separation.

In that process, Milk Protein Isolates and fat are mixed to water or milk in order to reach the fat, protein and dry matter of cheese as soon as the beginning of the processing. This mix is then fermented by specific live cultures, to make the fresh cheese. The main advantages of this processing are:

  • no whey production
  • 100% yield (no by-product)
  • constant quality all over the year (independently of milk composition)
  • reduced recipe costs and investment for this technology (40% cheaper)

INGREDIA designed Promilk 852 A2 for that application. This non-denatured Milk Protein Isolate manufactured by ultrafiltration of fresh skimmed milk is specifically adapted to this technology thanks to its mineral ratio and its very good hydration capacity.

In partnership with a supplier of dairy processing equipment and a leading producer of live cultures, INGREDIA developed a complete expertise in formulating and processing fresh cheeses without whey separation. Therefore, INGREDIA's food technologists succeeded in developing a wide range of fresh cheeses, from very specific products such as Burgos to worldwide standards such as cream cheese.

INGREDIA's team is ready and willing to work in collaboration with its customers to develop end products meeting their needs in term of texture, taste, and composition.

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