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Natural pure Lutein Ester

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Novopure Lutein Esters is a rich and safe source of lutein to the human body. Lutein supplementation is necessary for the human body because the human body does not produce lutein and its intake is through dietary sources only. Health benefits of lutein supplementation as indicated by studies are given below:

(i) It improves eye function and slows progression of Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD), cataract and glaucoma
(ii) As a carotenoid, a powerful group of antioxidants, lutein quenches free radicals and guards against irregular cell growth resulting in degenerative diseases, including cancer and filters uv light to protect the eye and skin from harmful damage,
(iii) Improves cell health by protecting against colon cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer
(iv) Improves cardio vascular health by protecting against atherosclerosis
(v) Improves skin health by protecting against skin lesions and skin cancer

Extracted from marigold flowers, Novopure differs from other products in its composition due to a patented CO2 extraction process technology that has been developed after years of research. Novopure lutein is extracted in such a way remains natural, intact, pure and concentrated.
Novo's patented Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) process, uses CO2 under supercritical condition of pressure and temperature to dissolve lutein ester in fluid CO2. The lutein ester is then separated from fluid CO2, in its pure form, as it was in nature. The final product is stable, has a long life and is competitively priced.


Novopure Lutein esters offer the following health benefits:
1. Excellent bioavailability of lutein esters through natural conversion by human body.
2. Lutein Esters produce an increase in the density of the macular pigment in the retina, as well as increase in concentration of lutein in blood.
3. Carotenoid profile quenches free radicals in the body.
4. It is natural and exists as it is in marigold petals making it a preferred form of lutein supplementation.
5. Lutein esters is maintained in the body and can provide continuous health benefits
6. Safe for human consumption GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status in the USA. Superior 'patented' process (pending)

Where can I find Novopure?

Novopure lutein esters is available in the form of tablets, hard gelatin capsules or soft gelatin capsules and in most cases blended with other ingredients. It can also be blended with vitamins and nutritional supplements, raw foods, fortified foods, topical applications and other lutein applications. Lutein applications can be found in dried foods such as soup, dried noodles, seasoning, pasta, cereal, oatmeal and pizza topping, confectionery such as candies, gum, cookies, pudding, jelly, yoghurt and chocolate, snacks such as rice crackers, cookies and wafers, fermentative foods such as bread and yoghurt, drinks such as protein shakes and nutritional drinks, health foods, nutraceutical foods and functional foods.

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