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Nerina Extract: Super Strawberry’s Potent Benefits

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Nerina Extract: Super Strawberry’s Potent Benefits

The active compounds in the new Nerina Strawberry Extract is produced by Iprona AG in Italy. Nerina has powerful antioxidants with well-documented benefits for cardiovascular health and the regulation of blood sugar.

This water-soluble, standardized powder or liquid, leverages the higher anthocyanin content of the Nerina Strawberry (18 times higher than an ordinary strawberry) into a highly versatile, effective nutraceutical. It can be mixed into a smoothie or a drink, or used for encapsulation or tabletting.


Strawberries are super fruit:

• Among the 50 foods highest in antioxidants

• Provide cardiovascular support and improve heart health

• Improve blood sugar regulation and decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.