New Ageless solution: Whey proteins for active seniors


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New Ageless solution: Whey proteins for active seniors
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The world’s population is getting older and the growing number of active seniors represents a huge opportunity. The unique whey protein ingredient in Nutrilac® Ageless​ has been specially developed with this in mind


Nutrilac® Ageless from Arla Foods Ingredients is a unique whey protein ingredient for meals like yoghurts and fermented desserts offers high contents of protein and calcium to support seniors’ increased need for these nutrients. And with a delicious taste and a delightful smooth mouth-feel, Nutrilac®  Ageless is bound to down well with even the most quality-conscious seniors.


Besides Ageless our portfolio offers a variety of other high protein concepts, ideal for application in:

• Sports yoghurt

• Greek-style yoghurt

• Healthy living ice cream

• High protein beverage

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