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New Fish Plant Ensures Top Quality Omega 3 Oils

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New Fish Plant Ensures Top Quality Omega 3 Oils

The demand for Omega 3 enriched products continues to grow in the European marketplace. New health benefits are frequently reported and the demand for oils which are neutral in flavour thus suitable for inclusion in food products is high.

To meet current and future demand Denomega has recently opened a purpose built plant in Ålesund, Norway, to process their top quality range of oils. The factory is alongside the fish freezing and processing plant and close to the fish farms where the fish develop to maturity. This ensures the shortest possible time between harvest and extraction. This short supply chain is environmentally friendly and coupled with their specialist processing techniques help to produce oils which fulfil their “No taste No Odour” claim so that you can be confident your product will be healthy and appealing to your customers.

Develop taste and odour free Omega 3 products with S. Black!

Fish is the only natural and significant food source of the healthy Omega 3 fat, EPA and DHA. The challenge is to include sufficient amounts of the healthy Omega 3, EPA and DHA, into the foods people actually consume without giving up taste. Although taste and odour issues have stalled the development of foods containing EPA and DHA Omega 3, these issues no longer need to be in the way of creating great tasting foods. S. Black Ltd have been working with Denomega Nutrional Oils on successfully incorporating Omega 3 into food and beverages without adding a fishy taste or negatively impacting the shelf life of the products.

Denomega’s patented processing methods and S. Black’s skilled technical team have ensured customer developments in bakery, dairy, beverages, cereals and bars, margarines & spreads and fish & meat products.

Their Omega 3, which are available in liquid oil, powder and liquid emulsion, is also ideal for fortification of dietary supplements, clinical nutrition and pet nutrition.

There are solid concepts and a growing number of actual products in the market place that prove the point. The biggest risk in the EPA and DHA Omega 3 food market now is to be left behind!

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