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New breakfast cereals options available

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Tate & Lyle develops new breakfast cereals options

Cereals are a quick and easy breakfast option but are also seen as a wholesome choice. Our consumer research shows a growing demand for cereals that deliver a wide range of benefits. In order to help breakfast cereal manufacturers improve the nutrition profile of their products, our application experts have developed a range of breakfast cereal concepts that will make a difference to consumers.

Tate & Lyle’s coated cereal pops prototype demonstrates that using FRUCTOPURE™ Fructose and STA-LITE® Polydextrose can provide a high fibre content, 30% sugar reduction and high quality sweetening, while not affecting taste, crunchiness or gloss. Similarly, these ingredients helped to achieve great taste and texture appeal in crunchy multi-cereal and hazelnut clusters, with a 30% sugar reduction. In addition, the prototypes show excellent bowl stability when milk is added.

We think our new breakfast cereal formulations with Polydextrose and Fructose help manufacturers quickly meet these needs and consumers’ satisfaction. We combined taste and improved nutritional content to create products that were both fun and healthy and would be popular with children and adults.

Tate & Lyle started Europe’s first dedicated Polydextrose production line in January 2010. It shortens the supply chain, makes the product available in more user friendly forms and reduces the need for stock through the ‘Just in Time’ service.

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