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Nutraveris Online: The European reference database to develop innovative and compliant health foods

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Weight management products: How to be innovative & compliant with the European regulations?

Are you looking for ingredients that enable you to formulate innovative and compliant weight management products?

The use of European health claims is complex, especially for weight management ingredients. Are these ingredients authorized in European countries? Which health claims can you use? How far are they substantiated ? What are the most efficient and innovative botanical extracts?

Nutraveris Online delivers you all the possible combinations of ingredients bearing usable positive and pending claims. 

After selecting your ingredients of interest or your health application (weight, joints, energy, vision, skin,…) you can check:
-       The legal status in all the European member states
-       The condition of use including  Maximum Permitted Levels (MPL) and warnings

Then you can narrow down your research and analyze scientific studies substantiating the efficacy and safety of the ingredients.

Using  Nutraveris Online for your New Product Development, you can formulate innovative and efficient food supplements that are compliant in all your target European countries.

Nutraveris Online is your key partner summarizing and analyzing all the Regulatory and Scientific data on more than 2100 ingredients and 132 heath applications.

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