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Opportunities with OptiMSM® in Sports and Active Nutrition

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Opportunities with OptiMSM® in Sports and Active Nutrition

It is important to keep the immune system balanced all year long, especially during times of stress. Stress caused by an active lifestyle or intensive sports training, plays a significant role in how the immune system responds to challenges and how well and fast the body recovers from intensive exercise or a high-demanding active day.

OptiMSM®​ is a sulphur-containing food supplement ingredient with scientific evidence, which plays a significant role in supporting a healthy immune response, provides a better inflammatory response and favour physical performance.

Furthermore, the ability to add OptiMSM as part of a pre-workout or recovery formula together with its well-known joint support benefits, represents an innovative and marketable approach to sports nutrition.

Discover more by downloading our dedicated OptiMSM®​paper on this page.

OptiMSM®​ is manufactured in USA by Bergstrom Nutrition and distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition.

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