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OptiMSM®:Purity & Science like no other MSM

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OptiMSM®:Purity & Science like no other MSM

MSM’s ability to down regulate the expression of inflammatory markers and its ability to reduce oxidative stress, makes it a vital ingredient for overall good health. Chronic inflammation is linked to a number of health conditions and aging. Research on MSM continues to build support for MSM inclusion in various formulations expanding from joint health to beauty within, cognitive and immune health and sports nutrition.

OptiMSM® is manufactured by the MSM experts Bergstrom Nutrition and distributed in Europe by Gee Lawson Ltd. The product is made in a single-purpose production facility that reduces the risk of cross-contamination. OptiMSM® is purified through a proprietary four-stage distillation process which removes impurities and creates low moisture content, reducing the risk of microbial contamination and product degradation.

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