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OptiMSM-U.S. Made. Trusted Worldwide

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OptiMSM-U.S. Made. Trusted Worldwide

OptiMSM® is a premium brand of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). It is produced to stricter product specifications than other MSM and exclusively manufactured in a dedicated U.S. facility certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. Each batch of OptiMSM is subjected to rigorous independent analytical testing to guarantee optimal purity and product consistency. OptiMSM is backed by peer-reviewed published research for safety and efficacy related to joint health and allergies. Clinical research confirms that OptiMSM is safe and effective. MSM occurs naturally in the environment, is present in rainwater, and is absorbed by plants. So, small amounts of MSM are available in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and even unpasteurised milk. But, because it does not occur in effective amounts in food, the most reliable dietary source for adequate MSM intake is through supplementation. What does OptiMSM do for the body? Primarily recognized to benefit joint health, OptiMSM provides sulphur, the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, which is needed for the structural integrity of joint cartilage and connective tissue such as skin, hair and nails. OptiMSM has been shown in animal research to inhibit inflammation by decreasing influx of certain white blood cells. Reduced inflammation increases circulation to aid recovery of sore muscles. In addition, OptiMSM supplies methyl groups, which help lower homocysteine levels, an important factor in heart health. Contact Gee Lawson for more information

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