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Optimise absorption. Reduce your capsule size. With VESIsorb® “Less is More”

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Optimise absorption. Reduce your capsule size.  With VESIsorb® “Less is More”

The VESIsorb®​ delivery system represents a unique and patented solution, clinically proven to significantly improve the absorption and bioavailability of poorly assimilated ingredients, especially those that are lipid-based.

The VESIsorb®​ technology improves absorption for key science-backed nutrients like CoQ10, Omega-3, QH Ubiquinol, Vitamin D and Resveratrol, among others. Fewer capsules are required to achieve clinically proven therapeutic benefits. With VESIsorb®​, " Less is More" which translates into smaller "easier to swallow" capsules, improved compliance, and wider consumer appeal.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with SourceOne in the EU, Gee Lawson Ltd can offer VESIsorb®​ delivery system technology to help optimize absorption of your existing formula or develop a new custom formulation, based on your specific requirements.

We can also offer ready-made finished products, formulated with the VESIsorb®​ technology.

Download from this page the VESISorb®​ white paper to learn more.

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