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Optipep™: clean-tasting hydrolysed whey proteins

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Optipep™: clean-tasting hydrolysed whey proteins

Optipep™ is a new range of innovative whey protein hydrolysates for clinical, infant and sports nutrition - and now an even wider range of everyday foods and drinks. Thanks to the introduction of specialist enzyme blends in the manufacturing process, Optipep hydrolysed whey protein isolates and concentrates boast an exceptionally clean taste profile. This means Carbery has been able to overcome the problems of acute bitterness inherent in many other hydrolysed whey products. Food and beverage manufacturers can therefore offer consumers all the health benefits of hydrolysed whey proteins without the need for expensive flavour-maskers or complex recipe reformulations. The substantial technical investments made by Carbery over recent years will culminate in Optipep's launch at FiE 2005. Using cutting-edge technology and progressive R&D, Carbery breaks down the whey protein into peptides and amino acids. This facilitates the protein absorption by the body, rapidly delivering crucial nutrients. The Optipep portfolio has a DH (degree of hydrolysis) range of 5-40% and comprises both concentrates and isolates. These innovative, fourth-generation hydrolysates can be used in: Infant formulae Sports nutrition products Clinical / convalescence foods Nutrition bars Meal replacement products Protein tablets Instant beverages Weight management products Hydrolysates are the subject of comprehensive scientific research which suggests they are the whey proteins of choice in infant formulae, where they reduce the likelihood of allergic reaction, and sports foods, where recovery times are significantly shortened. But Carbery's continued applications work means more food and beverage manufacturers can use whey proteins - and specifically whey protein hydrolysates - to add value to their products. Whey protein's popularity is rising dramatically as international studies continue to show its benefits to human health. As a dairy-derived ingredient, it benefits from widespread consumer awareness and acceptance of milk products. Whey protein contains all the amino acids essential for the body to function, and technology now allows individual fractions to be extracted, so manufacturers can create products with enhanced levels of specific fractions / amino acids to benefit from their individual health benefits. Whey proteins have been linked to a number of health benefits in both specialist and everyday foods and drinks: Reducing blood pressure Improving gastrointestinal function Protecting lean body mass Boosting the immune system Reducing cholesterol Protecting against cancer Maintenance of cardiovascular health Contribution to general wellbeing Consumers are increasingly looking for foods which positively contribute to good health, rather than cutting back on "unhealthy" ingredients like fat and salt. Using Optipep™ represents a unique and timely opportunity for manufacturers to tap into a growing market hungry for innovation and added value.

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