Orally bioavailable standardized botanical derivatives in sport nutrition: special focus on recovery in post-intense physical activities

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Prolonged high-intensity physical training can be associated with inflammatory stress conditions at the level of nervous, immune and muscular systems. In elite athletes subjected to intense high contact sports such as football and rugby , this condition is usually hampering a proper recovery without avoiding the usage of high-dosages of anti-inflammatory drugs.In this perspective, properly selected anti-inflammatory plant derivatives can represent a valid nutraceutical option stated they can fulfill rigorous requirements of quality, standardization, bioavailability, clinical tolerability and efficacy. As a result of its long experience in the field Indena S.p.A. has developed in the years a technology platform based on the Phytosome approach which allows the setting-up of orally bioavailable highly standardized botanicals. In this framework, Indena S.p.A. set up two new ingredients, Meriva® (Turmeric phytosome) and Casperome® (Boswellia serrata phytosome), demonstrating a clinically documented efficacy in several inflammatory disorders including those related to intense physical activity.Learn more about standardization criteria, pharmacokinetics and clinical health benefits of these ingredients.


Paolo Morazzoni Paolo Morazzoni Scientific director

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