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Our 360-degree ingredient view on Immune, Eye and Cognitive support

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Our 360-degree ingredient view on Immune, Eye and Cognitive support

“Keeping well” is a major concern for individuals this year, especially the elderly. Data shows that immunity support within the food supplement category is still experiencing the biggest growth so far this year.

Generally, scientists, health associations and bodies now agree more than ever, it is crucial to support our immune system. Nevertheless, other aspects are equally important when talking about health these days. Most of our time is now spent at home, in front of a computer for reasons such as work, study, online shopping or e-gaming and as a consequence, our eyes are increasingly exposed to monitors, TV, phones and other devices.

“Keeping well” means cognitive well-being, which becomes challenging if opportunities for social contact, hobbies and travelling are less than what we are used or non- existence. The hours spent at home, in front of a computer lead more than ever to tired eyes and tired minds, therefore exercising becomes not only a good reason to keep the body fit but a key activity to take care of ourselves and help the mind to become more relaxed and less stressed. However, exercising can be challenging if the body is not used to it so simple changes are encouraged. Therefore, ingredients carefully selected based on their scientific background, might help recovery, reduce inflammation or strengthen the immune system especially if they are utilised and combined to produce interesting formulations.

The following product review has been put together to provide a 360-degree view on some of our clinically researched ingredients, with special attention to the challenges mentioned above.

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