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Oxxynea® – Mediterranean Polyphenols – the 5-a-day concentrate.

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 Oxxynea® – Mediterranean Polyphenol – the 5-a-day Concentrate.

Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits may impair the antiradical defense potential, leading to higher free radicals occurrence in the body.

Fytexia developed Oxxynea®​ from a selection of 22 natural and non-gmo extracts & concentrates, bringing an authentic spectrum of polyphenols. These antioxidants scavenge free radical species to offer health benefits traditionally found in a Mediterranean diet.

Oxxynea®​ delivers a similar amount of polyphenols as the level measured within 5 servings of the most consumed fruit & vegetables, assessed with Folin Ciocalteu analysis. Oxxynea®​ also demonstrates a significantly higher antioxidant capacity (82% increase as assessed with ORAC 5.0™ assay). This has been confirm with the KRL test, which showing that Oxxynea®​ increases the whole blood resistance to oxidative stress by 214% when compared to the result obtained from an example of 5 servings among the most consumed fruit & vegetables*.

A published efficacy study demonstrate the antioxidant benefits of Oxxynea®​.

For further technical information on our range of clinically proven ingredients inspired from the Mediterranean health benefits, please contact Fytexia, email: 

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