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Oxyphyte: Natural antioxidants beyond ORAC


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OxyPhyte® is a line of proprietary powerful antioxidant products made from consumer-friendly, GRAS fruits, vegetables, teas and herbs selected for their high quality and antioxidant activity. We have concentrated the antioxidant power of our raw materials by selectively extracting the phytonutrients responsible to provide maximum antioxidant activity. These products, which are available for use in dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages, are high in ORAC value and offer the benefits of the "5-a-day fruit and vegetable" story. Their antioxidant bioavailability has been measured using the CAP-e Assay method (Cell-based Antioxidant Protection in Erythrocytes).

Gee Lawson in partnership with RFI (USA), can offer to the Nutraceutical and Food and Beverage industries a high quality antioxidant range. Further Information on the product range, ORAC values, Use Rate Recommendations and CAP-e Assay results are available on the document ready for download on this page.

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