Polyphenols tipped to become the way to innovate in Sports Nutrition

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Sport is a generic term but each practice has its own characteristics and requires a specific preparation. Expanding from athlete to mainstream, sports nutrition moved on accordingly to the new consumer expectations. In this structured market, the approach based on natural blends with bioactive extracted from fruit and vegetables bring a new answer to sports nutrition formulator in search of innovative solutions. Indeed, scientific research over the last years highlighted the potential of polyphenols benefits on athletes’ metabolism. Three polyphenol-based ingredients have been clinically investigated to fulfill athlete's specific requirements all along their sports practice. Fytexia demonstrates key benefits through concretes results for performance, endurance and recovery. Then, discover a breakthrough solution to address a new and growing demand: zen sports.


Julien Cases Julien Cases Innovation & Scientific Affairs Director

Sophie Loisel Sophie Loisel Sales & Marketing Director

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