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Probio’stick® - the first probiotic clinically documented in mood and stress applications

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Stress is a growing issue associated with our modern lifestyle and it represents one of the most common source of health problems (WHO).

The gut, with its 100 million neurons, is also known as our “second brain”: we now know that the gut-brain axis is involved in stress and more recently a third player has appeared on the scene: the gut microbiota. Recent human studies indicate that Probio’Stick®, a unique and innovative probiotic formulation developed by Lallemand Health Solutions, has the ability to improve the physical and psychological symptoms of stress and anxiety, without displaying any adverse event. These effects are supported by two breakthrough clinical studies and several mechanistic animal studies indicating positive effects of the probiotic formula on behavioural signs of anxiety and depression. Based on the growing knowledge of the brain-gut axis and on the documentation of the probiotic strains involved, certain mechanisms of action can be put forward to explain these effects of the probiotic. Probio’Stick appears as a safe, natural and effective alternative to help people cope with stress and its negative effects.

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