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SEPICOAT™: The latest SEPPIC’s Coating Revolution

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SEPICOAT™: The latest SEPPIC’s Coating Revolution

- for Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical applications-

For over 60 years, SEPPIC has created, developed and supplied innovative specialty ingredients for various markets including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutrition applications.

This year, SEPPIC is launching its latest generation of ready-to-use coating system, SEPICOAT™.

SEPICOAT™​ is a patented instant release, ready-to-use coating system, easy to handle and using classical coating parameters.

The main advantages of SEPICOAT™​ are the high solid content in water (up to 25%) decreasing coating time, and superior tablets appearance (thin film with precise logo definition, inherent shiny effect, deep colours).
Other main point: all the components are from natural source.
It also brings a perfect stability of the film with all type of tablet cores (APIs and excipients).

SEPICOAT™​ is a revolution in the coating world, true alternative to HPMC and PVA, from natural source, complying with Pharmacopeia, authorized both in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

To sum up, SEPICOAT™​ is a cost efficient coating system!

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