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Solanesol - Powerful Health Agent

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Solanesol - Powerful Health Agent

Solanesol, extracted from tobacco leaves by Novo's Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) process utilizing High Pressure Carbon Dioxide (CO2), as the extraction solvent. SCFE patent (pending) process extracts Solanesol at its highest level of concentration and purity. Solanesol is used as starting material in synthesis of high-value bio-chemicals such as Vitamin-K analogues and Co-enzyme Q10 (Co Q10). SCFE Process Advantages: Volatile & thermally sensitive compounds are not destroyed by the gentle process conditions Complete & true profile of the natural material No chemical & solvent residues in the finished products - pure & clean Stable with longer shelf life High concentration of active compounds Environment friendly High pressure, low temperature extraction ensures no thermal stress, and guarantees retention of valuable substance compounds of the raw material Meets all legal and safety requirements 100% natural Studies indicate that by introducing Solanesol radical into the structure of some medicines, the effects increase noticeably. With Solanesol as its primary material, Co Q 10 is useful in cosmetics and the treatment of heart diseases, cancers and ulcers. Co Q 10 is a physiologically active substance with high pharmaceutical activity. Solanesol can be used as main co-enzyme against cardiac insufficiency, muscular dystrophy and anaemia. Recent scientific evidence suggests that nicotine and nicotine-like compounds may slow or ameliorate the symptoms of certain diseases like Tourette's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis and attention deficit disorder (ADD). EFFECTS OF SOLANESOL ON HEALTH Cell health: As starting material for Co Q 10, Solanesol is useful in treatment of cancers. Co Q10 has been known to reduce size and number of tumors. Cardiovascular health: Solanesol, used in synthesis of Co Q10 helps to improve cardiovascular health. Ulcers: It is useful in treatment of ulcers. The following types of Solanesol are available: Solanesol > 40% Off-wide solid mass or powder Solanesol > 70% Off-wide solid mass or powder Solanesol > 90% Off-wide solid mass or powder

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