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Solid Supplying of D-alpha tocopheryl succinate

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Solid Supplying of D-alpha tocopheryl succinate

About TOCOVET®​ D-alpha tocopheryl succinate

TOCOVET®​ D-alpha-Tocopheryl Succinate is derived from natural sources and is produced by suitable physical and chemical means.This product is intended for use as vitamin E in the dietary supplement and food industry.


What we can offer

1185 IU granular, 1210 IU powder



TOCOVET®​ D-alpha-Tocopheryl Succinate is intended for use in solid dietary supplement and pharmaceutical preparations (e.g. multivitamin tablets) or in food product.


About fenchem:

Fenchem is a New-tech based manufacturer of Nutrition ingredients, specializing in the Isolation and purification of phto-chemicals which is known with high bio-activity and safety. New management idea with traceable QC system, we're looking forward to be the first choice partner for your next projects. Pls reach us by:

Product list

TOCOVET®​ D-tocopheryl succinate

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