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Healthy Ageing 2016

Elderly consumers and sports nutrition – how does it fit?

nutrineo – health food solutions by uelzena | Recorded the 29-Mar-2016 | Webinar

It’s never too late for sports: Even if you start exercising at an advanced age, you can still triple your chances for healthy ageing. Elderly consumers...

Healthy Ageing 2016

Longvida® – Breaking Barriers in Healthy Aging

Gee Lawson Ltd. | Recorded the 29-Mar-2016 | Webinar

From inflammatory support to cognitive health, Dr. Andrea Zangara discusses the opportunities to optimize healthy ageing regimens with an in depth examination...

Healthy Ageing 2016

The role of resveratrol in healthy ageing

Evolva | Recorded the 29-Mar-2016 | Webinar

Resveratrol (see also is a natural plant ingredient belonging to the family of polyphenols and is associated with a range of beneficial...


Wheat proteins for muscle mass and performance

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners Europe | Recorded the 22-Oct-2015 | Webinar

Tereos has developed a range of high protein sport drinks using Meripro®, a soluble wheat protein. This webinar will cover both the application and the...

Balanced blood sugar levels for long term health

Balanced blood sugar levels for long term health

Beneo Connecting Nutrition & Health | Recorded the 23-Apr-2015 | Webinar

Consumer surveys show that the awareness for a healthy diet and lifestyle increases among consumers worldwide. Sugar content and carbohydrate quality are...


… Pea protein promise… muscle mass

Roquette: Improving well-being by offering the best of nature | Recorded the 10-Sep-2014 | Webinar

Sports nutrition products are no longer niche items for athletes. They appeal to general consumers who have an interest in fueling overall nutrition. Plant...

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