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Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) Concentrate

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Taiwan Yes Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) Concentrate


Taiwan Yes provides DOM concentrate as a raw material, which is an ionic multi-mineral nutritional supplement, contains around 80 minerals and trace elements from the deep sea, including Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, etc.

Our DOM Concentrate is the best supplement of minerals and trace elements, because it’s pure, natural, healthy and functional.

According to relevant researches, DOM have similar composition with human blood that can provide essential energy for wakening body protection system and bring human body a whole new feeling of rebirth.



Taiwan Yes is a leading company in DOM production, especially specializes in deep ocean water (DOW) research and applications. We apply high-tech facilities to draw enriched minerals and trace elements in the DOW and obtain precious and balanced NATURAL minerals.

Having been dedicated to DOW research, Taiwan Yes has contributed to several research reports on health care performance of DOW published in renowned international journals. Moreover, Taiwan Yes has received patent right in China and Taiwan, proving that DOW is not only the best source of minerals, but also the healthy supplement of a new generation.

We produces a series of high-quality products made from DOW, and awarded HACCP, ISO22000, VPC (official certificate of DOW in Taiwan), HALAL, Kosher, GMP, SNQ, GHP, Monde Selection, which is safe and superior.



The benefits of DOM Concentrate which are based on our researches

  1. Accelerates Recovery from Physical Fatigue
  2. Manage High Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  3. Regulate High Blood Pressure
  4. Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis
  5. Manage Diabetes
  6. Regulation of Metabolism
  7. Promote Good Health
  8. Improve skin tone and texture



Our raw material, DOM Concentrate, has various functions and health care effects, and can be applied to

  1. Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals
  2. Functional Foods & Beverages
  3. Cosmetics and Skincare Products
  4. Agriculture & Fishery

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