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Think innovation, think sealed, liquid- filled capsules!

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Think innovation, think sealed, liquid- filled capsules!

In today's marketplace, Licaps® liquid-filled two-piece capsules offer exciting new opportunities. Recent consumer surveys confirm that Licaps® is perceived as the highly innovative dosage form.

Six reasons why Licaps® is the ideal choice:

· Masks taste and odor

· Increased bioavailability of certain nutrients

· Keeps the product pure and fresh

· Wide range of formulations of varying viscosities

· Improved stability for oxygen sensitive ingredients thanks to the nitrogen flush applied during the filling process

· Pharmaceutical-quality produced at Capsugel Colmar, a pharmaceutical manufacturing site, meeting all current Good Manufacturing Practices

Licaps® Specials are a series of prefilled Licaps® with proven and popular ingredients ready for sale. Grasp the benefits of Licaps® Specials now!

· Exciting opportunities for market differentiation

· Available from stock

· No further development needed

To discover the Licaps® Specials range from Capsugel or to get a sample, click the download now button.

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