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UTIrose™ : against Urinary Tract Infections

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UTIrose™ : against Urinary Tract Infections

Need of an effective, innovative and natural active against urinary infections?

Processed from Hibiscus sabdariffa​ and developed in-vivo, UTIrose™ is an innovative concept by Burgundy. It cuts the incidence of urinary tract infections by 77 per cent says the human in-vivo study (published) and decontaminate urines of both E. Coli​ and candida albicans​.

Why Innovative Concepts ?​ Burgundy has launched the range “Innovative concepts” as the main axis of development. Accordingly, 80% of R&D internal resources have been dedicated to this goal, supported by external experts, universities and specialized centers. This new way of thinking leads today to natural products, each designed to offer you an innovative solution for critical areas, supported by studies

Why UTIrose™​ ? Burgundy looked for innovative and more efficient actives against Urinary infections: ‘Innovative’ because customers need to be different and need to have alternative actives, and ‘Efficient’ because most of the existing products had been developed in-vitro

How​ ? Rats have been fed with different types of extracts, checking then the metabolites in urines and their activities, their form (NMR), the bio-transfer, the efficacy . The various selected actives have been subject of regulatory and scientific studies, for the field of health as urinary comfort, with for principal target calming the pains and the inflammation, treating the infection and to limit the relapses. The origin and the sustainability of the plants have also been taken in consideration. We then purified those metabolites and looked for the most efficient ones. This leads to UTIrose (

What is UTIrose™​ ? UTIrose is a complex 100% from Hibiscus sabdariffa​. with – as part of the total profile of actives that Burgundy controlled - specific sambubiosides (which gives antibiotic actives in urines), specific organic acids (quinnic, shikimmic, hibisquinnis) and soluble fiber of Hibiscus s​. used as the carrier. It’s a dark red powder, easy to use.

  • 77% reduction ​of the Urinary Tract Infections (human in-vivo study, 68% for UTIRose™ Premium), with very significant Student value (p<0,001)
  • Human in-vivo study has been published*
  • Acts on both E. Coli ​and Candida Albicans​, inhibition of the bacterial flora (and not only as anti-adherent)
  • Decontamination of the medium within one day
  • Remains a food extract ​(food solvents)
  • Control of the presence and actions ​of UTIRose™ and its metabolites in the urines (in-vivo and not only in-vitro)
  • Easy to use ​in capsules, softgels, tablets, functional drinks, sachets, syrups, enriched water …
  • 200 mg of UTIRose™ per day​, stand-alone or possible in combination with other existing actives (Cranberry, D-Mannose, Dandelion, Bearberry, etc…) for a high marketing impact and the best efficicacy

Publication​ « Prevention of recurrent cystitis in women double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Hibiscus Sabdariffa L extract, » - Pr. Allaert F.A, Lettre de l’Infectiologue, Tome XXV, N°2, mars-avril 2010

Study​ : we followed the Pharmacopeia protocols (liquid and solid medium decontamination, acute toxicity, urine acidification, transfer) before starting the in-vivo study (double blind versus placebo, 168 days, 70-90 women, followed by doctors) and we obtained 77% reduction of Urinary infections.

How to use UTIrose™​ ? UTIrose™ can be used alone or in combination with other components, getting the image of Cranberry or D-mannose or Bearberry, …, and efficacy of UTIrose™. UTIrose™ exists in different forms (fine powder, micronized powder, micro-agglomerated powder) to allow all types of use (softgel, capsules, instant sachets, …). You can also refer to UTIrose after agreeing our licensing agreement. UTIrose™ is a patented product (process and application).

UTIrose™ is manufactured in our plant in France, respecting the strictest ISO 22000 (Food and Hygiene Safety Management) procedures. Homogenization, formulation and standardization in clean rooms class 100 000, ICHQ7A. ​Our products are Kosher and non-GMO certified. Organic grade is available.

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