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Ultrasol Free Lutein (Liquid or Dry) Nutrient System - now available from S. Black

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Ultrasol Free Lutein (Liquid or Dry) Nutrient System - now
available from S. Black

UltraSol Free Lutein is obtained from the extract of dried flowers of Marigold (Tagetes Species). UltraSol Free Lutein is most suitable for use in soft-gels, two piece capsules and beverages. The UltraSol Nutrient System uses OmniActive's patent pending proprietary technology for conversion of active nutrients with low or poor water-solubility into a product that yields solution of exceptional clarity and stability in water at specified dosage without any chemical modification or unpleasant taste. Luteins are the ideal ingredients for your next functional foods, beverages or dietary supplements. Functional foods and beverages are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the food industry today and consumers are increasingly demanding food products fortified to provide specific health benefits. What is Lutein? Naturally found in leafy green vegetables, fruit as well as eggs, lutein is a powerful antioxidant that belongs to a group of phytochemicals called carotenoids. It has the remarkable ability to prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by filtering out damaging UV rays before they hit the eyes. Our bodies do not make the lutein we need, so the only way to get it is through the foods we eat, nutritional supplements or fortified foods and beverages. Why use Lutein in food or beverages? Lutein, already being widely used in foods as a natural colourant, can help maintain eye health and is being recognised as an ''up-and-coming star'' in the phytochemicals area. With today's busy lifestyle and modern diets, it's difficult for consumers to take in the recommended dosage through fruit and vegetables only. Consumers are looking for convenience, and trends show that nutrients previously only found as dietary supplements will more and more be included in foods and beverages. Why work with S. Black? S. Black is a leading independent specialist in the sales, marketing and technical support of cutting edge food ingredients. We represent a range of manufacturers at the forefront of new developments and offer innovative application ideas and comprehensive support packages, coupled with outstanding advice on regulatory issues. Top quality ingredients are supported by full traceability with guaranteed sources. S. Black can offer the only source of active Lutein in both Ester and Free Forms, known as Lutemax™, as well as the newly developed cold water soluble UltraSol Free Lutein, available in both liquid and dry systems. For more information, please contact S. Black Ltd, UK on or tel +44 (0)1992 825555

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