Vitamin K2 Going Mass Market. The Experts Discuss: Successful Product Launches

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Kappa Biosciences

The unparalleled bone and heart benefits of vitamin K2 MK-7 have opened doors to mass market consumers. More and more K2 products are being launched, with companies and marketers looking to gain first-mover advantage.Join Kappa Bioscience and a panel of industry experts who will discuss and answer questions about launching successful K2 products.The roundtable discussion and Q&A will cover:K2 science Market opportunity Commercial risksFormulationGalenicsStability and qualityAnalysisK2 is ready for mass markets. Join us to learn how to profit from the enormous potential of vitamin K2 MK-7.


Bjarne Bloch Bjarne Bloch Medical Advisor
Orkla Care A/S

Dr. Juergen Wolf Dr. Juergen Wolf General Manager
K2 MedicalCare GmbH

Egil Greve Egil Greve President & CEO
Kappa Bioscience

Francis Foley Francis Foley President
Xsto Solutions

Jim Bornhold Jim Bornhold Executive VP of Nutraceuticals
Chemroy Canada Inc.

Jörg Büttinghaus Jörg Büttinghaus Vice President of Sales
Kappa BioScience

Morgan Laloux Morgan Laloux Business Development Manager Consumer Health & Nutrition

Scott Colbourne Scott Colbourne Business Manager NSW, Food & Pharmaceutical
ALS Pharmaceutical Australia

Virpi Varjonen Virpi Varjonen Strategist
Invenire Market Intelligence Oy

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