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We Make Natural Sweetener Better

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We Make Natural Sweetener Better

Lovia™ derived from the Luo Han Guo fruit, Stevia leaves and other natural sweet ingredients optimizing the flavor with our unique blending know-how.

Luo Han Guo (Mogroside V)​ –Contains great deal of nutritional substance, low calorie, and intensive authentic sweet flavor last much longer than sugar. Extracted from organic Luo Han Guo by using Layn’s proprietary technology.

Stevia​ –Layn produces high purity stevia extract with unique extraction process. Our Reb-A products are purer than most other commercially available products and contain less moisture and solvent residue.

Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp. as a leading botanical extract factory, has obtained a specialized research and development lab for natural sweeteners and taken a step forward for analyzing the characteristics of Luo Han Guo & Stevia.

Our lab has combined the merits of Luo Han Guo, Stevia and developed a premix formula of a natural, nutritious, long tasting sweetener, which is 30-100 times sweeter than sucrose.

The taste trails has shown that the new developed formula has weaken the bitter after taste of Stevia and enhanced the front-sweet taste of Luo Han Guo. Resulting in a much better taste and long sweet enjoyment. It can not only be made into ready to go table sachets, but also has great tasting performance added in milk, vegetable and fruit juice, bakery food, etc.

Layn’s production is strictly followed with GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 and HACCP standards, which can ensure our products with high and consistent quality.

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