What it Takes to Compete and Win in Today’s Sports Nutrition Market


Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

As sports nutrition supplements become increasingly mainstream, manufacturers and developers are exploring various approaches to develop new products and evolve existing ones to better fit consumers’ healthy lifestyles and changing preferences. Pharmaceutical technologies and design and development expertise are regularly being applied to improve the performance and stability of sports nutrition products to meet these needs.Innovative advancements include improving bioavailability through lipid multi-particulate technology, increasing stability of sensitive ingredients, protecting acid-resistant ingredients so they release in the body at the right time to maximize health, and improving swallowability, taste-masking and combining multiple ingredients to make nutritionals more consumer friendly.Additionally, new tactics are being used to address consumer demands – ranging from formulation and packaging innovations, to clean label, dosage form selection and targeted stage delivery—while numerous sports nutrition ingredients are being mainstreamed to further address consumers needs.This presentation will highlight the know-how, tools and approaches required to compete and win in this promising and competitive market.


Dominik Mattern Dominik Mattern Business Development Manager

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