Wheat proteins for muscle mass and performance

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Tereos has developed a range of high protein sport drinks using Meripro®, a soluble wheat protein. This webinar will cover both the application and the scientific aspects of this beverage concept. Meripro® is obtained by hydrolyzing wheat proteins, which makes it highly soluble in water, and which may also improve protein digestion and incorporation into muscle mass. Several studies in sportsmen suggest that hydrolysed wheat proteins could help to reduce muscle injury after exercise. Wheat proteins display a high level of overall digestibility and contain high amounts of glutamine (36%), an amino acid which becomes essential in case of high intensity training.


Frederique Respondek Frédérique Respondek Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Jeremy Marichez Jeremy Marichez Product Application Scientist

Yves Timmermans Yves Timmermans Product Manager Modified Proteins

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