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AQUAMIN - Unique Marine Minerals For Bone & Joints Heath.

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AQUAMIN - Unique Marine Minerals For Bone & Joints Heath.

Marine multimineral complex, providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and 72 trace elements, for the fortification of food, beverage and supplement products with numerous studies to prove the positive impact on bone, joint and digestive health.

Our recent publication “Calcium supplementation and PTH response to vigorous walking in postmenopausal women” is presented by Dr Stack​ , in Vitafoods Conference 05.05.2015  at 12:55.

Marigot is highlighting the importance of building strong bones to overcome the problem of osteoporosis. We are presenting during the show at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva 5-7 of May - a healthy snack for children a pack of 4 biscuits containing their full recommended daily calcium requirement. Please visit our stand H79 and taste yourself.

Aquamin is plant - Limestone is Rock.  Do not eat rocks – source minerals from whole food.

People are becoming more conscious of what they are consuming. The future belongs to sustainable plant ingredients. The Stone Age has ended.

In our studies and publications Aquamins unique composition and biochemical functionality is shown to impact bone, joint and digestive health:

•          PTH suppression (long and short term)

•          Anti-inflammatory activity (TNFα, IL-1β)

•          Pain and stiffness reduction (OA)

•          Bone formation enhancement.