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Solae targets bakery sector with new soy blend

Solae launches soy fibre for bakery

Solae Europe has debuted an insoluble fibre, soluble fibre and soy protein blend it says can support, “digestive health, heart health, and a lower glycaemic index for foods.”

Bread trend to lose flavour

Bread trend to lose flavour

European consumers have had their fill of bread it seems, and its
role as a staple food is set to decline over coming years.
Currently, it is most successful in Germany, where it is regarded
as a healthy food, but players in this...

Energy bars go mainstream

Energy bars go mainstream

A new energy bar with guarana has been launched by UK confectionery
group Cadbury Schweppes, the first 'mainstream' chocolate bar to
enter the energy market. Boost Guarana is said to offer as much
extra energy as an energy...

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