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'The athletes who used Hydro 365 versus placebo which was just a normal sports drink had a significant improvement in their performance. It was a 17-second improvement over a 4 km run test, ' said  Lindsey Ormond from Arla.

Dispatches from HiE, Amsterdam

Athletes may recover faster with HYDRO.365: Study

By Anna Bonar

Endurance athletes consuming sports drinks containing whey protein hydrolysate could see an improvement in performance, a Danish study has found.

Back in the game: CAS agrees Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle's DMAA doping infringement was most likely caused by a contaminated foodstuff

DMAA doping or contamination?

Food supplements fingered as German doping ban reduced


A German Winter Olympian has had her doping ban reduced from two years to six months, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), agreed the DMAA in her system had likely come from a contaminated food supplement.


Analyst predicts more European bans could follow

Lithuania bans energy drink sales to under 18s

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Lithuania has banned energy drink sales to under 18s - making the Baltic state the first European country to do so.

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