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High-fiber sourdough rye bread & reduced glycaemic response: Cause and effect? Yes. Health claim? No...

“almost any carbohydrate-containing food would induce a reduction of post-prandial blood glucose responses"

EFSA rejects Fazer rye bread health claim


EFSA has agreed ‘high-fiber sourdough rye bread’ may significantly reduce post-prandial glycaemic and insulin response compared to glucose, but refused a health claim from Fazer in Finland because all foods would have the same effect in comparison to...

Vitamin A fortified bananas could tackle nutritional deficiencies in Africa

‘Super-bananas’ close to commercialisation

By Nicola Cottam

The mass-production of so-called ‘super-bananas’ enriched with vitamin A may begin in Uganda as early as 2020 pending approval by the country’s legislators, according to the project’s lead scientist, James Dale.

Faking it: Superfruit market 'ripe' for adulteration

Special edition: Superfruits - old news or still super?

Faking it: Superfruit market 'ripe' for adulteration

By Nathan Gray

Increasing raw material costs coupled with growing demand for natural health solutions has seen the market for superfruits boom in recent years, but has it may have also left the market ripe for adulteration.

Rabbi Moskovitz in his QC robe...

Kosher gains ground as global QC measure

By Shane Starling

Having foods and ingredients approved by Jewish rabbis may not seem a matter that would of great importance to non-Jewish food and supplement manufacturers – not so.

Soy comes of age

Soy comes of age

The soy ingredients market has grown up a lot in 20 years. Solbar vice president of marketing and development Gary Brenner casts an eye over a mature ingredients sector.

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