Whole foods

The best natural sources of fibre may include less ripe bananas, pasta, pulses and potatoes. It is of note that wholegrain versions of starchy foods (e.g. wholewheat bread) contain more fibre than refined versions. ©iStock

Fibre’s impact on gut & metabolic health studied

By Will Chu

Fibre’s positive influence on health has been further reinforced in two studies, which point to its functional capabilities as a prebiotic, metabolic manager and inflammation reducer with few if any side effects.

NGOs like Helen Keller International are using BioAnalyt kits to determine intakes in places like Indonesia. ©BioAnalyt

The power of portable nutrient testing

By Holly McKee & Dr Anna Zhenchuk

German tech company BioAnalyt explains how its portable testing kits are providing fast, affordable nutrient data that is crucial in the fight against global malnutrition.

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